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1. Difference between survey questionnaires and surveys

A common misconception that floats around leads many individuals to believe that questionnaires and surveys are one and the same. These words are called synonyms while the meaning behind the two terms is actually, quite different. Let?s debunk the misconception and find out what?s what.

What are questionnaires and surveys and how do they differ?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language describes a questionnaire as ?a set of questions for obtaining statistically useful or personal information from individuals?. Well, what is a survey, then? The same dictionary states that a survey is an act or an instance of surveying a broad treatment of a subject or polling. So surveying would mean putting a questionnaire or a thesis out for the public or audience to complete and analysing the gathered answers. However, it seems like the terms are closely intertwined, right?
The truth is, the main difference lies in a small, yet crucial detail. A questionnaire can only be a part of the survey, never the other way around. When questionnaires and surveys are discussed, only the former can be a part of the latter and not vice versa.
For simplification reasons, let?s use an analogue example. The questionnaire is a stand of a farmer selling apples, and the survey is the fruit market.

2. Survey definitions, examples and meaning

The world of surveys is broad and exciting. There are more than a few terms that need to be understood to make surveys and polls work to your advantage. Let?s divulge these terms and familiarise ourselves with them.

Survey - a set of questions (questionnaire) created for data and information collection. The primary purpose of a survey is research. However, in the real world, the survey is more than just a set of questions. Usually, they are an entire project, including data analysis, conclusions etc.

Questionnaire - a set of questions. An integral part of a survey.

Example and more info:

Respondents - subjects who have responded and completed your survey

Example: 16 respondents completed the survey about the services of the bank

The population - general target group which was selected for investigation by the surveyor. The data, samples and conclusions are drawn from the data provided by the population.

Example: In the case of surveying university student?s beverage preferences, the students are the population.

Open-ended questions - questions with answers that are comprised of a comment or insights

Close-ended questions - questions with one or more pre-selected answer options

3. Free survey online - why it is best to choose Poll Animal

Creating a survey online is relatively easy nowadays. There is more than one affordable or free poll creating services for you to choose from. With the choice so broad, we would like to discuss why Poll Animal is the best survey creator around.

Adapted for everyone

SSome survey creators are either made for private, amateur use or professional use only. Poll Animal is the best of both worlds because individual surveyors, university students and businesses alike can benefit from choosing Poll Animal. You can use it to gather feedback, statistics for academic purposes and monitor customer happiness, be ahead of the competition.

Affordable pricing

Most professional survey-creating services require a large budget to maintain and run. Poll Animal is different because you can either try it out for free or opt for the Premium service package with the most functions. ?Premium package? unlocks the ability to filter respondents and promote your surveys for just 0.2 Eur/answer.

Generate graphs and analyse results

One common issue with most survey generators is solved by Poll Animal. We are talking about difficult or near impossible analysis of results. With Poll Animal you can create graphs, charts, reports etc. These will provide insights into your research or business for future success or increased profitability.

4. How to choose a survey maker?

There are quite a few survey makers out there. How to select a survey maker? An excellent question which we will try to answer.

1. Being able to generate graphs, charts and reports. If your survey maker lacks the appropriate functionality for your comfort ? do not use it. The main point of a survey is to be able to draw conclusions and provide insights. Without reports or charts, it is not possible to do.

2. Easy-to-use for respondents. The primary importance for every surveyor is the simplicity with which respondents can complete it. Imagine that they have more important things to do during their day, so having a survey which could be completed quickly increases your chances of getting more respondents.

3. Does it suit your needs? Some survey makers are developed for business and professional use only. These are not built for amateurs or one-time users. For companies, choosing most survey makers intended for private-use will not allow to embrace and get the most out of this specific tool. Choose appropriately.

5. Paraphrasing articles and sentences for educational purposes.

Students usually have many tools for their use. Survey creator is one of these, but in college and usinversity you will need plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, citation generator, proofreading tools, grammar check and many others. Talking about paraphrasers students use, there are many softwares dedicated for english language and much less working for other. We recommend using paraphrase for italian language and paraphrase for french language softwares.


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Generate results of surveys
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