How Pollanimal Tries To Be Like Survey Monkey?

10 March 2019

How Pollanimal Tries To Be Like Survey Monkey?

Pollanimal is a web tool designed to easily create an online survey or a questionnaire similar to Survey Monkey. No previous knowledge or experience is required for working in the tool. Compared to other tools designed for the same need, Pollanimal encompasses the ability to create questionnaires and surveys for students, universities, and businesses. Why choose Pollanimal? What a user actually needs from a good survey creator? Because we did our best to be same good, as Survey Monkey was. We even try to be better.

Good customer support

After years of research and experience in the field of survey creators, we came to the conclusion that excellent customer support is essential for every business. When users are satisfied, not only are they faithful to a brand but regularly follow all the news and keep in touch with the company. Likewise, if they have a remark or want to inquire about survey creator features, it is important that there is open communication.

Today, every serious company such as Survey Monkey devotes great attention to communicating with its environment. This environment is in the first place users, existing and future, because loyal and satisfied users spread a good voice about the company and its services.

Pollanimal customer support tries to be up to the task in any given moment. You can contact us through our simple contact form on our website or through social networks. We will answer you as soon as possible.

The simplicity of creating surveys

The needs of conducting various surveys are common in all major systems, and certainly in the education system, at all levels. They can, of course, be implemented on paper, but this requires a lot of work, especially in the collection and analysis of the data obtained. It is ideal to use computer capacities and implement them online.

We asked students and other potential users about their experiences with survey creators and based on their suggestions we created Pollanimal survey creator having in mind Survey Monkey. The answer "easy-to-use" repeatedly appeared so we paid special attention to make the survey forms easy to manage. The users of Pollanimal have the ability to choose the best fitting question form such as single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, single text box, comment box or matrix. It is the same as with Survey Monkey. Questions per survey as well as a number of surveys are infinite.

Our simple and well-designed interface greatly serves to making easy and quick drafting of all types of surveys. All you had to the is follow simple instructions such as: create a survey, get the answers and operate results. We tried to use the best practices from Survey Monkey. We save you time.


From personal and business experience, we all know that we often quit filling in questionnaires that have a complicated form. It has to be customized and easy to fill in in order for us to complete it. Since the goal of each survey is to be filled by as many people as possible, on which depends the success of the research itself, we have created forms that the participants can easily manage, similar to those created by Survey Monkey.

We should always bear in mind that respondents are volunteers who give up part of their time to participate in the survey, without compensation. If we make a too complicated survey, difficult for respondents, we increase the risk of reporting errors. That is why Pollanimal survey creator is incredibly easy-to-use.

The design of the user interface or UI design refers to the visual appearance of the elements through which the user can communicate with a web page or a technological product. The design of Pollanimal user interface as well as that of Survey Monkey is not only attractive, but also functional for potential users, and easy to use. Our interface is consistent and easy to understand. On the FAQ page, you can find detailed instructions on how to create a questionnaire and manipulate other functions of Pollanimal survey creator.

Interpretation of results

Electronic questionnaires and surveys allow the collection of data via a web application simultaneously from a large number of users, thereby minimizing the cost of surveying. Special modules of Pollanimal survey creator modeled on Survey Monkey modules allow automatic statistical processing of data from questionnaires and surveys and generation of tabular reports or charts. Statistical data processing and analysis is of utmost importance to users when making the right conclusions and decisions.

Our team has developed a system with a user-friendly interface and all the essential tools that enable users to interpret the results better, analyze and use them as efficiently as possible. With Pollanimal survey creator you can view the results in real-time, get access to visual graphs and charts, download results in Excell and control the whole survey process.

The same as Survey Monkey users, our users can see the results presented as graphs and charts, which is very useful when creating various reports or infographics. Charts can visually be presented as bars, pies or donuts. Results are also available in data tables. This sort of various presentations of results can be of very much help to all kinds of users for their detailed displays. Plus, the results of the surveys can be also exported to be processed in Excel.

Infographics are used to graphically display data and have recently become very popular on the Internet. They have gained their popularity because of their interesting looks, interactive possibilities, as well as the space to include a variety of multimedia content, such as photos, videos, maps and the like. Many of the tools for making infographics are very expensive, so it's hard to afford them to beginners in the world of infographics. Fortunately, there is a Pollanimal that is very easy to use.

Free version and affordable pricing

We are very much aware that our users who are mainly students cannot afford expensive tools for creating surveys. That is why we are offering a free version that has all the necessary instruments for creating surveys and getting results. Furthermore, for those users who would need something extra such as the promotion of surveys for other users or ability to filter respondents, we offer these services at affordable prices.

There are some free online tools for creating surveys online such as Survey Monkey, but features of Pollanimal beats them all.