Your First Fast & Reliable Survey Creator Tool

17 May 2018

Your First Fast & Reliable Survey Creator Tool

Our new survey creator gives opportunity to design free surveys which will fulfill all of your needs. We understand how important it is to gather information through answers and generate a high response rate from participants. The users of our survey creator have the ability to choose the best suitable question form such as single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, single text box, comment box or matrix. Questions per survey as well as number of surveys are unlimited.

We help businesses, administration offices, educational institutions, schoolchildren, students, lecturers and everyone who value accurate survey results. Our focus is your answers.

For students

Our survey creator is based on student experiences and recommendations, so we understand well what even the most demanding users need. In general, students have a huge interest in creating questionnaires as they can be used for academic work and collection of other statistics. One of the most important thing for students is how quickly it is possible to set up a survey and send it to the participants for filling out. For this reason, we invented our platform to enable users create direct links and share them via email or social networks. Simple management of the Poll Animal control panel ensures quick and easy creation of surveys and immediate sharing, so we are sure that students will love it.

For universities and schools

The quality of studies always play an important role for any school and university. The creation and evaluation of surveys allow schools to take necessary action to improve efficiency and quality of study programs. With the help of our survey creator, academic institutions have the opportunity to create questionnaires and find out the needs of students. The program is easy to manage and is user friendly, which ensures fast and efficient survey creation experience. From now on, surveys are easy and simple, so everyone can do it.

For business

Poll Animal helps you conduct research both internally and externally. It is often difficult for companies to assess the internal status of employees accurately. Live conversations are not always honest, so conducting a survey can help understand the opinions of employees on various issues, thus improving the internal microclimate of the company. Moreover, responses, calculated averages and other statistics can be saved in different formats. Completing an anonymous questionnaire often helps companies to identify internal problems by understanding the weakest spots.

For business, one of the great benefits of surveys is the ability to implement company's market research. This is a more complex form of inquiry that requires more resources, but it is possible to achieve incredibly good results by interviewing participants from the target audience. It's great to see where the company's untapped potential lies and what it needs to be done to receive competitive advantage.