Poll Animal Vs. Survey Monkey

7 May 2019

Poll Animal Vs. Survey Monkey

Facts & Features

Gathering information has become easier since the advent of online databases where a vast amount of knowledge is produced and stored. There are so many tasks that can be done online these days to save a lot of human error and efforts. Assembling first-hand information through surveys, for instance, has been made easy and just a click away, unlike the old days’ hassle of running from one individual to another in order to collect data.

An efficient survey creator is one where you can also generate a graphic depiction of your results and is easy for both the clients and respondents. It must also cater to your needs while creating a survey - some platforms only provide business or professional services, when there are many purposes of collecting responses for different tasks.

Why is Poll Animal a better survey creator?

There are different platforms that are considered reliable and helpful in this regard, such as the Survey Monkey, which initially has been one of the popular survey creators. However, for a user-friendly platform, Poll Animal is the right place to collect information categorically. Previously, Survey Monkey has been mapping an organized layout of its services, but now, with its easy to follow directions and elaborate specifications, Poll Animal defines the type of surveys relevant to the field of users. Where Survey Monkey provides options for you and your organization, Poll Animal makes it even more specific for students, teachers, universities, schools and businesses - all identified as per relevance, needs and uses.

How is our website different?

On visiting our website, you may see a noticeable difference as compared to the other platforms like the Survey Monkey. Our information placement and language are both simple and easy to find out. Poll Animal walks you through an elaborate guideline for you to understand how you can easily operate the survey creator for a better experience. We have also displayed all the information in one place for you to scroll through and figure out the answers to your questions regarding prices or survey technicalities, with different examples and descriptions as to why it is the most suitable platform for you. Here are a few features showing why Poll Animal is a better version of Survey Monkey:

  • Designed for a better aesthetic experience;

  • Easy access to information;

  • Special platform for your questions;

  • Simple and elaborate instructions;

  • Detailed services and price options;

  • Categorized sections as per user field and requirements;

  • Easy scroll through website with everything on page.

How Poll Animal is more than just a Survey Creator?

We even educate users of the standards they must look for while finding a good survey creator. We not only set standards but also achieve them for our clients' convenience. Our website is designed to make service access simple to understand and more interactive to empower users for creating their surveys. The creativity in graphics and aesthetics turns out to be a quality that makes online platforms more interesting and self-explanatory. Poll Animal stands out in this aspect to be more professionally presentable for its clients.

Other platforms like Survey Monkey give you a tour of the statistically displayed testimonials of users. We prefer our platform to speak for itself with a more interactive and participatory experience where users can get in touch with us and help us improve. You can get in touch with us through our forms available with a message box to send in queries and we will help you out with the best possible solutions. We have also placed immediate access to our social media controls to diversify our reach and enhance your convenience.

Why is Poll Animal more affordable for our clients?

Poll Animal provides five of the seven basic services for free which allows the majority of users to create surveys for different fields of work. We help our clients create surveys that are unlimited in number, and enable them to promote these surveys on their social networks for easy data collection. Poll Animal also helps generate the results of surveys into any required form, be it charts or graphs- a task that is tedious and time-consuming ordinarily. It is not just easy for our clients, but also for the respondents to have a simple survey to answer without ambiguities. These features are important for an up to the mark survey creators and while the Survey Monkey may help you create surveys, Poll Animal makes it an even better experience by services that will simplify your life and save time.

We are a community

It is important for us to let our clients know that choosing our platform for their needs is as meaningful to us as it is to them and Poll Animal creates a community where the users build and support each other. We encourage clients to respond to the surveys of other clients in order to increase their own respondents. This also turns out to be a fun-filled experience for our users who get knowledge of different work fields of each other.

Where Survey Monkey may equip the user with basic services, Poll Animal gives you services, guidelines, answers and a sense of ownership by opening up for suggestions and feedbacks. In this technically evolving world, we are nothing if not up to date with the recent web advancements and client expectations.