Easily Reach Your Respondents

24 April 2018

Easily Reach Your Respondents

Poll Animal is a perfect tool to find the right answers to your surveys in no time. For many years, surveys have been considered as a tool for torture. Not anymore. Our goal is to change that perception and show that surveys can provide great experience for both, their creators and respondents.

Through our long-term experience, we have noticed that one of the biggest challenges for creators of surveys usually is to find the needed amount of participants. Without the required number of answers, the creation of survey questionnaires becomes pointless and loses its value. Luckily, we solved this issue too.

Get new participants for your survey

Our system is based on beneficial user interoperability, which means that you can promote your survey on our platform and attract additional respondents using credits. It is possible to earn credits by participating in others surveys. On the opposite, other users will likely help you with their answers due to their own interest in receiving credits.

There are 4 main steps to receive the answers that you need:

  • Participate in other users' surveys
  • Get credits as a reward
  • Promote your survey on the website using earned credits
  • Receive needed answers

If being a participant is not your priority, you can always purchase additional credits to promote your survey on our platform. Such surveys always receive much of attention and have a high conversion rate, which makes the work a lot easier for students, academic institutions or businesses.

Share your survey

To achieve maximum reach of the survey, share it with a private URL link in social media or embed it on a website. The URL will be automatically generated on your survey dashboard as soon as you complete it. To activate your survey, you have to set its status as “public” and the link will be created automatically, allowing the survey to be sent out to participants via email, shared on a social network or anywhere else.

The creation of the link is also useful when there is a special need to forward the survey to a particular audience. For example, if a professor wants to receive feedback from his students about the quality of a lecture, he can easily send a created link only to his students and in this way, reach his aimed audience.