Detailed Reporting

17 May 2018

Detailed Reporting

We observe that data analysis becomes one of the decisive factors in evaluation of survey results. It is extremely important for survey creators to be able to process data in a simple, convenient way. This saves not only a great deal of time, but also provides additional value for survey creators and initiators.

The Pollanimal team has developed a system with a user friendly interface and necessary tools that allow users to understand the results better, analyze and use them as efficiently as possible. With our system you can:

  • View real-time results
  • Access visual graphs and charts
  • Download results for Excel use
  • Monitor survey process

Results can be viewed as graphs and charts, which is very useful for creating reports and infographs. Additionally, charts can be introduced as bars, pies or donuts. Users can also receive the results of their surveys in the data tables. Such a wide spectrum of result absorption helps students, academics or company owners create exceptionally detailed presentations for their audience. For even broader use or performance of personal analysis, survey results can be also exported to be processed in Excel.

Our reporting dashboard not only generates graphs and charts, it also allows to classify the results, compare them on-the-go and monitor changes during the survey process. This provides unique opportunity to be an observer of your survey. You can modify questions at any given time to make sure that they are all targeted and correctly interpreted by the participants.

Our advanced platform allows to follow the results of each question in real-time, thus giving its users a full control of the survey process.

Statistics is not always fun, but our responsive and user-friendly design will help retrieve information with an easy access for the most joyful survey creation experience.