3 Ways To Use Customer Feedback Survey For Business

14 February 2019

3 Ways To Use Customer Feedback Survey For Business

Today, various forms of customer surveys are used by many large and smaller companies. Company managers realize that only direct customer feedback can reveal the weaknesses of business activities and show the right way forward. And is there a better way to do that than creating a survey questionnaire? Probably not. By searching for a fair and non-forced way to obtain accurate and sincere information from existing customers, surveys have become key tools to help access this information.

Many people imagine that customer surveys are already obsolete and wane, but that is not entirely true. Questionnaires, just like businesses, have evolved and developed over the years. Today's survey creation platforms have a simplified use, different design variations, question forms and other options that allow users to create customized questionnaires that are acceptable to a specific audience. Personalized questionnaires allow to achieve a much higher survey response rate, so companies can get the needed results as fast as never before. To put everything in order, there are three main directions, where survey questionnaires can benefit business exceptionally.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction survey can be launched when there is a need to evaluate the level of connection between business and its customers. Customer satisfaction survey usually shows how loyal the customer is and whether he would be willing to recommend the service to their friends. A lot of businesses simply live on their repeat customers, so customer satisfaction survey questionnaire can help point out the main reasons what makes customers loyal. This is one of the key elements for the success in any kind of business.

By following customer feedback, managers are able to create a strategy for customer loyalty, which builds customer retention and increases the repeat purchase rate. Customer satisfaction is a fundamental part of the customer relationship building process, so today it is absolutely vital to know how customers are satisfied with the service. Hence, customer satisfaction survey creator is the best tool to receive the needed feedback from customers.

Business development

In business development, a survey questionnaire can be used for two main purposes. First, to introduce customers with company plans to launch new innovation, program or additional service. Second, familiarize customers with changes that have already taken place. In the first case, a company can receive a direct feedback and follow the reaction of current customers towards new business plans and intentions. This allows to make projections, whether the innovation can have success in a particular business environment.

In the second case, having a survey questionnaire it is very simple and easy to invite customers to learn about internal company changes. For many customers a survey is just a more entertaining way to receive new information and for the company, it is an instant and honest customer feedback that has a high value.


Survey questionnaire is also a great tool for increasing the personalization of a product or service. Today, in order to attract the attention of customers large number of companies are not only implementing targeted marketing activities, but also personalize the services they provide. To be successful there, existing customers have to be put into segments. A customer survey questionnaire is the fastest and easiest way to create successful personalization and achieve more customer focused services for the benefit of the company.